Under the Level

What You Can Do
In addition to promoting discussion and awareness surrounding New Orleans and the potential danger that New York and other coastal cities face due to climate change, we are also committed to providing access to specific local recovery efforts for those whom this project has affected. Many national organizations and non-profits have provided amazing support and assistance through fundraising efforts and volunteer programs. But we feel it is also important to realize that one of the major problems the recovery effort has faced is bureaucratic red tape and a lack of coordination and organization that has left many people without the necessary resources to rebuild their lives. We feel that many local organizations working within specific neighborhoods have a unique understanding of their community’s needs, which may make them, at times, more able to efficiently distribute aid and resources. This is particularly true in the Lower 9th Ward, where federal assistance seems to have been the hardest to coordinate. We have been working with the Lower 9th Ward Homeowner's Association, a local, nonprofit organization and member of the 'Home New Orleans' project, which is affiliated with New York University, Xavier University, Dillard University and Tulane University.

They are working to:

  • Provide assistance to the residents of the Lower 9th Ward
  • Update displaced residents of ongoing developments
  • Facilitate building of temporary housing facility for senior citizens

The Lower 9th Ward Homeowner's Association needs to raise funds for these goals in an expedited fashion. We are asking you to give whatever you can via credit card. Every little bit counts!


Additional organizations providing support for the community:

Common Ground Collective
Common Ground is a community-initiated volunteer organization offering assistance, mutual aid and support.
  Architecture for Humanity
AFH has been working on the ground in East Biloxi to develop a program to help families repair and rebuild their homes.
Emergency Communities
A nonprofit organization providing community and relief centers in the Lower 9th Ward, and Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.
  Habitat for Humanity
As of 8/28/07, they've built 71 houses and 133 are in construction.
The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.